Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Aiming to become a global brand in the gas springs industry, Ibisa Gas Spring; is an organization that uses the latest machinery and information systems technologies in its production, values ​​its customers, suppliers, employees and the environment, understands and responds to customer demands and expectations, and aims at continuous growth and development. It brings quality to the forefront in all business processes. Thanks to this policy, Ibisa Gas Spring ensures that all processes, starting with the supply of products and raw materials, from production to delivery, are followed.


Our quality policy is built on 7 main pillars:

  • Ensuring the continuity of customer, supplier and employee satisfaction
  • To prioritize the environmental factors that carry out business processes and to minimize waste
  • Understanding and fully realizing customer requests, expectations and demands 
  • Aiming for continuous improvement
  • To implement and maintain the requirements of 16949 quality management standards
  • To apply legal regulations and related conditions
  • Utilizing new technologies to improve the quality of products and involving our suppliers in improvement efforts


Ibisa Gas Spring guarantees its customers, suppliers and employees a service policy based on high standards and continuity. Considering production processes and operational efficiency; It is ensured that all processes comply with the determined performance criteria. Measured values ​​are checked regularly. Data and results from reviews are used to improve the processes. 


New production techniques, machine updates and innovative solutions are researched to increase productivity in product quality, ensure its continuity and maintain competitive advantage. In cases where efficiency and cost advantage is achieved, it is implemented.


Ibisa Gas Spring organizes trainings and seminars for employees and suppliers for the continuity of development and learning. Customer and supplier visits and internal and external supervisions have a particular importance to us. In order to leave a livable world to the next generations, we are committed to creating environmental awareness, choosing environment-friendly equipment, and being an environmentally sensitive company by producing with minimum waste.